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Two-year seizure reduction in adults with medically intractable partial onset epilepsy treated with responsive neurostimulation: Final results of the RNS System Pivotal trial

by Christianne N. Heck; David King-Stephens; Andrew D. Massey; Dileep R. Nair; Barbara C. Jobst; Gregory L. Barkley; Vicenta Salanova; Andrew J. Cole; Michael C. Smith; Ryder P. Gwinn; Christopher Skidmore; Paul C. Van Ness; Gregory K. Bergey; Yong D. Park; Ian Miller; Eric Geller; Paul A. Rutecki; Richard Zimmerman; David C. Spencer; Alica Goldman; Jonathan C. Edwards; James W. Leiphart; Robert E. Wharen; James Fessler; Nathan B. Fountain; Gregory A. Worrell; Robert Gross; Stephan Eisenschenk; Robert B. Duckrow; Lawrence J. Hirsch; Carl Bazil; Cormac A. O'Donovan; Felice T. Sun; Tracy A. Courtney; Caim G. Seale; Martha J. Morrell



Closed-loop, multichannel experimentation using the open-source NeuroRighter electrophysiology platform

by Jonathan P. Newman; Riley Zeller-Townson; Ming-Fai Fong; Sharanya Arcot Desai; Robert Gross; Steve Potter