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Contextually Mediated Spontaneous Retrieval Is Specific to the Hippocampus

by Nicole Long; Michael Sperling; Gregory A. Worrell; Kathryn A. Davis; Robert Gross; Bradley C. Lega; Barbara C. Jobst; Sameer A. Sheth; Kareem Zaghloul; Joel M. Stein; Michael J. Kahana



Improved Efficacy of Temporally Non-Regular Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease

by David T. Brocker; Brandon D. Swan; Dennis A. Turner; Robert Gross; Stephen B. Tatter; Mandy Miller Koop; Helen Bronte-Stewart; Warren M. Grill



Factors correlated with intracranial interictal epileptiform discharges in refractory epilepsy

by Robert Gross; RJ Quon; S Meisenhelter; RH Adamovich-Zeitlin; Y Song; SA Steimel; EJ Camp; ME Testorf; TA MacKenzie; BC Lega; MR Sperling; MJ Kahana; BC Jobst



Intraoperative neural signals predict rapid antidepressant effects of deep brain stimulation

by Patricio Riva Posse; Robert Gross; Babak Mahmoudi; MSE Sendi; AC Waters; V Tiruvadi; P Riva-Posse; A Crowell; F Isbaine; JT Gale; KS Choi; H S. Mayberg



Interictal Epileptiform Discharges Impair Word Recall in Multiple Brain Areas

by Peter C. Horak; Stephen Meisenhelter; Yinchen Song; Markus E. Testorf; Michael J Kahana; Weston D. Viles; Drzysztof Bujarski; Andrew C. Connolly; Ashlee A. Robbins; Michael R. Sperling; Ashwini D. Sharan; Gregory A. Worrell; Laura R Miller; Robert Gross; Kathryn A. Davis; David W. Roberts; Bradley Lega; Sameer A. Sheth; Kareem A. Zaghloul; Joel M. Stein; Sandhitsu Das; Daniel S. Rizzuto; Barbara C. Jobst