Robert Gaynes MD


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Using automated health plan data to assess infection risk from coronary artery bypass surgery

by Richard Platt; Ken Kleinman; Kristin Thompson; Rachel S. Dokholyan; James M. Livingston; Andrew Bergman; John H. Mason; Teresa C. Horan; Robert Gaynes; Steven L. Solomon; Kenneth E. Sands



Persistent Value of the Stethoscope in the Age of COVID-19

by Rajiv S. Vasudevan; Yu Horiuchi; Francesca J. Torriani; Bruno Cotter; Sofie M. Maisel; Sanjeet S. Dadwal; Robert Gaynes; Alan S. Maisel



Brucellosis Initially Misidentified as Ochrobactrum anthropi Bacteremia: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

by Srinvasa Nithin Gopalsamy; Aditi Ramakrishnan; Mustaf M Shariff; Julie Gabel; Skyler Brennan; Cherie Drenzek; Monica Farley; Robert Gaynes; Emily Cartwright



Temporal changes in prevalence of antimicrobial resistance in 23 US hospitals

by Scott Fridkin; Holly A. Hill; Nataliya V. Volkova; Jonathan R. Edwards; Rachel M. Lawton; Robert Gaynes; John McGowan Jr.



Feeding back surveillance data to prevent hospital-acquired infections

by Robert Gaynes; C. Richards; J. Edwards; T. G. Emori; T. Horan; J. Alonso-Echanove; Scott Fridkin; R. Lawton; G. Peavy; J. Tolson