R Edward Faught MD

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Phone: 404-778-5943

Email: rfaught@emory.edu

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SOM: Neurology: Epilepsy

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Quality Indicator for Epilepsy Treatment 15 (QUIET-15): Intervening after recurrent seizures in the elderly

by Jerzy P. Szaflarski; Roy C. Martin; Edward Faught Jr; Ellen Funkhouser; Joshua Richman; Kendra Piper; Lucia Juarez; Chen Dai; Maria Pisu



Safety and tolerability of lacosamide monotherapy in the elderly: A subgroup analysis from lacosamide trials in diabetic neuropathic pain

by Jacquelyn Bainbridge; Marc De Backer; Klaus Eckhardt; Frank Tennigkeit; Sabine Bongardt; David Sen; Konrad J. Werhahn; Edward Faught Jr



Adherence to antiepileptic drugs among diverse older Americans on Part D Medicare

by Kendra Piper; J Richman; Edward Faught Jr; R Martin; E Funkhouser; JP Szaflarski; C Dai; L Juarez; M Pisu



Detection of generalized tonic–clonic seizures using surface electromyographic monitoring

by Jonathan J. Halford; Michael R. Sperling; Dileep R. Nair; Dennis J. Dlugos; William O. Tatum; Jay Harvey; Jacqueline A. French; John R. Pollard; Raymond Faught Jr; Katherine H. Noe; Thomas R. Henry; Gina M. Jetter; Octavian V. Lie; Lola C. Morgan; Michael R. Girouard; Damon P. Cardenas; Luke E. Whitmire; Jose E. Cavazos



Risk of pharmacokinetic interactions between antiepileptic and other drugs in older persons and factors associated with risk

by Edward Faught Jr; Jerzy P. Szaflarski; Joshua Richman; Ellen Funkhouser; Roy C. Martin; Kendra Piper; Chen Dai; Lucia Juarez; Maria Pisu