Rachael Allen


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Dependence of visual and cognitive outcomes on animal holder configuration in a rodent model of blast overpressure exposure

by Rachael Allen; Cara T Motz; Anayesha Singh; Andrew Feola; Lauren Hutson; Amber Douglass; Sriganesh R Rao; Lara A Skelton; Lidia Cardelle; Katie L Bales; Kyle Chesler; Kaavya Gudapati; Christopher Ethier; Matthew M Harper; Steven J Fliesler; Machelle Pardue



Impacts of high fat diet on ocular outcomes in rodent models of visual disease

by Danielle A Clarkson-Townsend; Amber J Douglass; Anayesha Singh; Rachael Allen; Ivie N Uwaifo; Machelle Pardue