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Metal-ligand cooperativity in the soluble hydrogenase-1 fromPyrococcus furiosus

by Gregory E Vansuch; Chang-Hao Wu; Dominik K Haja; Soshawn A Blair; Bryant Chica; Michael K Johnson; Michael WW Adams; Richard Dyer



A new era for electron bifurcation

by John W Peters; David N Beratan; Brian Bothner; Richard Dyer; Caroline S Harwood; Zachariah M Heiden; Russ Hille; Anne K Jones; Paul W King; Yi Lu; Carolyn E Lubner; Shelley D Minteer; David W Mulder; Simone Raugei; Gerrit J Schut; Lance C Seefeldt; Monika Tokmina-Lukaszewska; Oleg A Zadvornyy; Peng Zhang; Michael WW Adams



Direct evidence of active site reduction and photo-driven catalysis in sensitized hydrogenase assemblies

by Brandon L. Greene; Crisjoe A. Joseph; Michael J. Maroney; Brian Dyer



Temperature Dependence of Water Interactions with the Amide Carbonyls of α-Helices

by Scott H. Brewer; Yuefeng Tang; Dung M. Vu; S. Gnanakaran; Daniel P. Raleigh; Brian Dyer