R Donald Harvey III PharmD


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Phase 1 study to evaluate the effects of rifampin on pharmacokinetics of pevonedistat, a NEDD8-activating enzyme inhibitor in patients with advanced solid tumors

by R. Harvey; X Zhou; U Vaishampayan; D Mahalingam; KY Chung; F Sedarati; C Dong; D Faller; K Venkatakrishnan; N Gupta



Phase I and Pharmacokinetic Study of Romidepsin in Patients with Cancer and Hepatic Dysfunction: A National Cancer Institute Organ Dysfunction Working Group Study

by R. Harvey; Olatunji Alese; RM Connolly; E Laille; U Vaishampayan; V Chung; K Kelly; A Dowlati; P Haluska; LL Siu; S Kummar; R Piekarz; SP Ivy; NM Anders; M Downs; A O'Connor; A Scardina; J Saunders; GL Rosner; MA Carducci; MA Rudek



A non-lethal malarial infection results in reduced drug metabolizing enzyme expression and drug clearance in mice

by Sylvie M. Mimche; Choon-myung Lee; Ken H. Liu; Patrice N. Mimche; R Donald Harvey; Thomas J. Murphy; Beatrice A. Nyagode; Dean P Jones; Tracey J. Lamb; Edward T Morgan