Rana Chakraborty

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Phone: 404-727-4972

Email: rchakr5@emory.edu

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Adjunct Professor

SOM: Peds: Infectious Disease

School Of Medicine

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Jak Inhibitors Modulate Production of Replication-Competent Zika Virus in Human Hofbauer, Trophoblasts, and Neuroblastoma cells.

by Christina Gavegnano; Leda Bassit; Bryan D. Cox; Hui-Mien Hsiao; Erica L. Johnson; Mehul Suthar; Rana Chakraborty; Raymond F. Schinazi



Zika Virus Infects Human Placental Macrophages

by Kendra M. Quicke; James R. Bowen; Erica Johnson; Circe E. McDonald; Huailiang Ma; Justin T. O'Neal; Augustine Rajakumar; Jens Wrammert; Bassam Rimawi; Bali Pulendran; Raymond Schinazi; Rana Chakraborty; Mehul Suthar



Interest of Youth Living With HIV in Long-Acting Antiretrovirals

by Ethel D. Weld; Md-Sohel Rana; Ronald H. Dallas; Andres Camacho-Gonzalez; Patrick Ryscavage; Aditya H. Gaur; Rana Chakraborty; Susan Swindells; Charles Flexner; Allison L. Agwu