Robert M Campbell MD


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Report of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Working Group An Integrated Network for Congenital Heart Disease Research

by Sara K. Pasquali; Jeffrey P. Jacobs; Gregory K. Farber; David Bertoch; Elizabeth D. Blume; Kristin M. Burns; Robert Campbell; Anthony C. Chang; Wendy K. Chung; Tiffany Riehle-Colarusso; Lesley H. Curtis; Christopher B. Forrest; William J. Gaynor; Michael G. Gaies; Alan S. Go; Paul Henchey; Gerard R. Martin; Gail Pearson; Victoria L. Pemberton; Steven M. Schwartz; Robert Vincent; Jonathan R. Kaltman



Demographics, bystander CPR, and AED use in out-of-hospital pediatric arrests

by M. Austin Johnson; Brian J.H. Grahan; Jason S. Haukoos; Robert Campbell; Bryan McNally; Comilla Sasson; David E. Slattery