Rachel Hall-Clifford


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Toward co-design of an AI solution for detection of diarrheal pathogens in drinking water within resource-constrained contexts.

by Rachel Hall-Clifford; Alejandro Arzu; Saul Contreras; Maria Gabriela Croissert Muguercia; Diana Ximena de Leon Figueroa; Imon Banerjee; Maria Valeria Ochoa Elias; Anna Yunuen Soto Fernández; Amara Tariq; Pamela Pennington



An open source autocorrelation-based method for fetal heart rate estimation from one-dimensional Doppler ultrasound

by Camilo E Valderrama; Lisa Stroux; Nasim Katebi; Elianna Paljug; Rachel Hall-Clifford; Peter Rohloff; Faezeh Marzbanrad; Gari Clifford



Estimating birth weight from observed postnatal weights in a Guatemalan highland community

by Camilo E Valderrama; Faezeh Marzbanrad; Michel Juarez; Rachel Hall-Clifford; Peter Rohloff; Gari Clifford



Working with lay midwives to improve the detection of neonatal complications in rural Guatemala

by Michel Juarez; Yolanda Juarez; Enma Coyote; Tony Nguyen; Corey Shaw; Rachel Hall-Clifford; Gari Clifford; Peter Rohloff