Qiang Zhang


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CNC-bZIP protein NFE2L1 regulates osteoclast differentiation in antioxidant-dependent and independent manners

by Qiang Zhang; Z Liu; H Wang; Y Hou; Y Yang; J Jia; J Wu; Z Zuo; T Gao; S Ren; Y Bian; S Liu; J Fu; Y Sun; J Li; M Yamamoto; Y Xu; J Pi



A closed vitrification system enables a murine ovarian follicle bank for high-hroughput ovotoxicity screening, which identifies endocrine disrupting activity of microcystins

by Yingzheng Wang; Jingshan Xu; Jessica E Stanley; Murong Xu; Bryan W Brooks; Geoffrey Scott; Saurabh Chatterjee; Qiang Zhang; Mary B Zelinski; Shuo Xiao



Camptothecin suppresses NRF2-ARE activity and sensitises hepatocellular carcinoma cells to anticancer drugs

by Feng Chen; Huihui Wang; Jiayu Zhu; Rui Zhao; Peng Xue; Qiang Zhang; M Bud Nelson; Weidong Qu; Bo Feng; Jingbo Pi