Qiang Zhang

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Email: qiang.zhang@emory.edu

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Assoc Professor

SPH: Environmental Health

School Of Public Health

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Works 1-8 of 8


Long isoforms of NRF1 negatively regulate adipogenesis via suppression of PPAR gamma expression

by Qiang Zhang; P Xue; Y Hou; Z Zuo; Z Wang; S Ren; J Dong; J Fu; H Wang; ME Andersen; Y Xu; J Pi



Hepatocyte-specific Nrf2 deficiency mitigates high-fat diet-induced hepatic steatosis: Involvement of reduced PPAR gamma expression

by Qiang Zhang; Lu Li; J Fu; D Liu; J Sun; Y Hou; C Chen; J Shao; L Wang; X Wang; R Zhao; H Wang; ME Andersen; Y Xu; J Pi



Bridging the Data Gap From in vitro Toxicity Testing to Chemical Safety Assessment Through Computational Modeling

by Qiang Zhang; Jin Li; Alistair Middleton; Sudin Bhattacharya; Rory B. Conolly



Recent Developments in Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Silver Nanocrystals

by Xiaohu Xia; Jie Zeng; Qiang Zhang; Christine H. Moran; Younan Xia



Camptothecin suppresses NRF2-ARE activity and sensitises hepatocellular carcinoma cells to anticancer drugs

by Feng Chen; Huihui Wang; Jiayu Zhu; Rui Zhao; Peng Xue; Qiang Zhang; M Bud Nelson; Weidong Qu; Bo Feng; Jingbo Pi



Flutamide Induces Hepatic Cell Death and Mitochondrial Dysfunction via Inhibition of Nrf2-Mediated Heme Oxygenase-1

by Li Zhang; Jiabin Guo; Qiang Zhang; Wei Zhou; Jin Li; Jian Yin; Lan Cui; Tingfen Zhang; Jun Zhao; Paul L. Carmichael; Alistair Middleton; Shuangqing Peng