Qi Long

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Phone: 404-712-9975

Email: qlong@emory.edu

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The Impact of Axillary Lymph Node Surgery on Breast Skin Thickening During and After Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

by Mylin Torres; Xiaofeng Yang; Samantha Noreen; Hao Chen; Tatiana Han; Simone Henry; Donna Mister; Fundagal Andic; Qi Long; Tian Liu



Model Selection and Inference for Censored Lifetime Medical Expenditures

by Brent A. Johnson; Qi Long; Yijian Huang; Kari Chansky; Mary Redman



Impact of Selection Bias on Estimation of Subsequent Event Risk

by Arshed Quyyumi; Yijuan Hu; Qi Long; AF Schmidt; F Dudbridg; MV Holmes; JM Brophy; V Tragante; Z Li; P Liao; RO McCubreu; BD Horne; AD Hingorani; FW Asselbergs; RS Patel



Doubly robust multiple imputation using kernel-based techniques

by Chiu-Hsieh Hsu; Yulei He; Yisheng Li; Qi Long; Randall Friese