Patricia Zerra


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Works 1-9 of 9


Engineering a Therapeutic Protein to Enhance the Study of Anti-Drug Immunity

by Patricia Zerra; Ernest T Parker; Wallace H Baldwin; John F Healey; Seema Patel; James W McCoy; Courtney Cox; Sean Stowell; Shannon Meeks



Marginal Zone B Cells Induce Alloantibody Formation Following RBC Transfusion

by Seema R. Patel; David R. Gibb; Kathryn Girard-Pierce; Xiaoxi Zhou; Lilian Cataldi Rodrigues; Connie M. Arthur; Ashley L. Bennett; Ryan P. Jajosky; Megan Fuller; Cheryl L. Maier; Patricia Zerra; Satheesh Chonat; Nicole H. Smith; Christopher A. Tormey; Jeanne E. Hendrickson; Sean Stowell



Neutralizing Antibodies Against Factor VIII Can Occur Through a Non-Germinal Center Pathway

by Seema Patel; Taran S Lundgren; Wallace H Baldwin; Courtney Cox; Ernest T Parker; John F Healey; Ryan P Jajosky; Patricia Zerra; Cassandra Josephson; Christopher Doering; Sean Stowell; Shannon Meeks



Fc Gamma Receptors and Complement Component 3 Facilitate Anti-fVIII Antibody Formation

by Patricia Zerra; Connie Arthur; Satheesh Chonat; Cheryl Maier; Amanda Mener; Sooncheon Shin; Jerry William L. Allen; W. Hunter Baldwin; Courtney Cox; Hans Verkerke; Ryan P. Jajosky; Christopher A. Tormey; Shannon Meeks; Sean Stowell