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A quasi-experimental analysis of the influence of neighborhood disadvantage on child and adolescent conduct problems.

by Jackson A. Goodnight; Benjamin B. Lahey; Caroline A. Van Hulle; Joseph L. Rodgers; Paul J. Rathouz; Irwin Waldman; Brian M. D'Onofrio



Preliminary genetic imaging study of the association between estrogen receptor-α gene polymorphisms and harsh human maternal parenting

by Benjamin B. Lahey; Kalina J. Michalska; Chunyu Liu; Qi Chen; Alison E. Hipwell; Irwin Waldman; Jean Decety



Common genetic influences on negative emotionality and a general psychopathology factor in childhood and adolescence

by Jennifer L. Tackett; Benjamin B. Lahey; Carol van Hulle; Irwin Waldman; Robert F. Krueger; Paul J. Rathouz



The Role of Language in Concern and Disregard for Others in the First Years of Life

by Soo Hyun Rhee; Debra L. Boeldt; Naomi P. Friedman; Robin P. Corley; John K. Hewitt; Susan E. Young; Ariel Knafo; JoAnn Robinson; Irwin Waldman; Carol A. Van Hulle; Carolyn Zahn-Waxler



Personality dimensions as common and broadband-specific features for internalizing and externalizing disorders

by Laura K. Hink; Soo H. Rhee; Robin P. Corley; Victoria E. Cosgrove; John K. Hewitt; Robert J. Schulz-Heik; Benjamin B. Lahey; Irwin Waldman



A sibling-comparison study of smoking during pregnancy and childhood psychological traits

by Jarrod M. Ellingson; Jackson A. Goodnight; Carol A. Van Hulle; Irwin Waldman; Brian M. D'Onofrio



Identifying the irritability dimension of odd: Application of a modified bifactor model across five large community samples of children

by Jeffrey D. Burke; Khrista Boylan; Richard Rowe; Eric Duku; Stephanie D. Stepp; Alison E. Hipwell; Irwin Waldman