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ECAS: Psychology

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A polymorphism in the norepinephrine transporter gene alters promoter activity and is associated with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

by Chun-Hyung Kim; Maureen K. Hahn; Yoosook Joung; Susan L. Anderson; Angela H. Steele; Michelle S. Mazei-Robinson; Ian Gizer; Martin H. Teicher; Bruce M. Cohen; David Robertson; Irwin Waldman; Randy D. Blakely; Kwang-Soo Kim



Psychometric characteristics of a measure of emotional dispositions developed to test a developmental propensity model of conduct disorder

by Benjamin B. Lahey; Brooks Applegate; Andrea M. Chronis; Heather A. Jones; Stephanie Hall Williams; Jan Loney; Irwin Waldman



Temperament and parenting during the first year of life predict future child conduct problems

by Benjamin B. Lahey; Carol A. Van Hulle; Kate Keenan; Paul J. Rathouz; Brian M. D'Onofrio; Joseph Lee Rodgers; Irwin Waldman



Smoking during pregnancy and offspring externalizing problems: An exploration of genetic and environmental confounds

by Brian M. D'Onofrio; Carol A. van Hulle; Irwin Waldman; Joseph Lee Rodgers; K. Paige Harden; Paul J. Rathouz; Benjamin B. Lahey



Are oppositional-defiant and hyperactive-inattentive symptoms developmental precursors to conduct problems in late childhood?: Genetic and environmental links

by Benjamin B. Lahey; Carol A. Van Hulle; Paul J. Rathouz; Joseph Lee Rodgers; Brian M. D'Onofrio; Irwin Waldman



Developmental Structure of Genetic Influences on Antisocial Behavior Across Childhood and Adolescence

by Carol A. Van Hulle; Irwin Waldman; Brian M. D'Onofrio; Joseph Lee Rodgers; Paul J. Rathouz; Benjamin B. Lahey



Maternal age at childbirth and offspring disruptive behaviors: testing the causal hypothesis.

by Brian M. D'Onofrio; Jackson A. Goodnight; Carol A. Van Hulle; Joseph Lee Rodgers; Paul J. Rathouz; Irwin Waldman; Benjamin B. Lahey