patrick Sean Sullivan MD


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Works 1-9 of 9


Preferences for a Mobile HIV Prevention App for Men Who Have Sex With Men

by Tamar Goldenberg; Sarah J McDougal; Patrick Sullivan; Joanne D Stekler; Robert Stephenson



A Novel Approach to Realizing Routine HIV Screening and Enhancing Linkage to Care in the United States: Protocol of the FOCUS Program and Early Results

by Travis Sanchez; Patrick Sullivan; Richard E Rothman; Emily H Brown; Lisa K Fitzpatrick; Angela F Wood; Paloma I Hernandez; Amy S Nunn; Martin L Serota; Lisa Moreno-Walton



Sibanye Methods for Prevention Packages Program Project Protocol: Pilot Study of HIV Prevention Interventions for Men Who Have Sex With Men in South Africa

by A.D. McNaghten; Rachel Kearns; Aaron J Siegler; Nancy Phaswana-Mafuya; Linda-Gail Bekker; Robert Stephenson; Stefan D Baral; Ron Brookmeyer; Clarence S Yah; Andrew J Lambert; Benjamin Brown; Eli S Rosenberg; Mondie Blalock Tharp; Alex de Voux; Chris Beyrer; Patrick Sullivan