Parminder S Suchdev MD/MPH

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Prevalence of inherited blood disorders and associations with malaria and anemia in Malawian children.

by Patrick T. McGann; Anne Williams; Graham Ellis; Kathryn E. McElhinney; Laurel Romano; Julia Woodall; Thad A. Howard; Gerald Tegha; Robert Krysiak; R. Murray Lark; E. Louise Ander; Carine Mapango; Kenneth I. Ataga; Satish Gopal; Nigel S. Key; Russell E. Ware; Parminder Suchdev



Adjusting soluble transferrin receptor concentrations for inflammation: Biomarkers Reflecting Inflammation and Nutritional Determinants of Anemia (BRINDA) project

by Fabian Rohner; Sorrel ML Namaste; Leila M. Larson; O. Addo; Zuguo Mei; Parminder Suchdev; Anne Williams; Fayrouz A Sakr Ashour; Rahul Rawat; Daniel J. Raiten; Christine A. Northrop-Clewes



Estimating the burden of iron deficiency among African children

by John Muthil Muriuki; Alexander J. Mentzer; Emily L. Webb; Alireza Morovat; Wandia Kimita; Francis M. Ndungu; Alex W. Macharia; Rosie J. Crane; James A. Berkley; Swaib A. Lule; Clare Cutland; Sodiomon B. Sirima; Amidou Diarra; Alfred B. Tiono; Philip Bejon; Shabir A. Madhi; Adrian V. S. Hill; Andrew M. Prentice; Parminder Suchdev; Alison M. Elliott; Thomas N. Williams; Sarah H. Atkinson