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SOMPI: Hospitalists

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Determinants of Anemia among School-Aged Children in Mexico, the United States and Colombia

by Sana Syed; O. Addo; Vanessa De la Cruz-Gongora; Fayrouz A. Sakr Ashour; Thomas Ziegler; Parminder Suchdev



The risk of selenium deficiency in Malawi is large and varies over multiple spatial scales

by Felix P. Phiri; E. Louise Ander; Elizabeth H. Bailey; Benson Chilima; Allan D. C. Chilimba; Jellita Gondwe; Edward J. M. Joy; Alexander A. Kalimbira; Diriba B. Kumssa; R. Murray Lark; John C. Phuka; Andrew Salter; Parminder S Suchdev; Michael J. Watts; Scott D. Young; Martin R. Broadley



Effects of inflammation on biomarkers of vitamin A status among a cohort of bolivian infants

by Rachel M. Burke; Ralph D. Whitehead Jr.; Janet Figueroa; Denis Whelan; Anna M. Aceituno; Paulina Rebolledo Esteinou; Rita Revollo; Juan Leon; Parminder S Suchdev