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The HIV-1 matrix protein does not interact directly with the protein interactive domain of AP-3 delta

by Sampson K. Kyere; Peter Y. Mercredi; Xinhong Dong; Paul Spearman; Michael F. Summers



Rab11-FIP1C and Rab14 Direct Plasma Membrane Sorting and Particle Incorporation of the HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Complex

by Mingli Qi; Janice A. Williams; Hin Chu; Xuemin Chen; Jaang-Jiun Wang; Lingmei Ding; Ehiole Akhirome; Xiaoyun Wen; Lynne A. Lapierre; James R. Goldenring; Paul Spearman



A Trimeric, V2-Deleted HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Vaccine Elicits Potent Neutralizing Antibodies but Limited Breadth of Neutralization in Human Volunteers

by Paul Spearman; Michelle A. Lally; Marnie Elizaga; David Montefiori; Georgia D. Tomaras; M. Juliana McElrath; John Hural; Stephen C. De Rosa; Alicia Sato; Yunda Huang; Sharon E. Frey; Paul Sato; John Donnelly; Susan Barnett; Lawrence J. Corey