Purnima Sharad Patel MD


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Discovery of tear biomarkers in children with chronic non-infectious anterior uveitis: a pilot study

by Sheila T. Angeles-Han; Steven Yeh; Purnima Patel; Duc Duong; Kirsten Jenkins; Kelly A. Rouster Stevens; Mekibib Altaye; Ndate Fall; Sherry Thornton; Sampath Prahalad; Gary N. Holland



Long-term Management of Panuveitis and Iris Heterochromia in an Ebola Survivor

by Jessica Shantha; Ian Crozier; Jay Varkey; Colleen Kraft; George Lyon III; Aneesh Mehta; Renee Donahue Carlson; Charles Hill; Gokul Kumar; Matthew R. Debiec; Purnima Patel; Timothy Olsen; Robert B. Nussenblatt; Daniel F. Martin; Ute Stroeher; Timothy M. Uyeki; Bruce Ribner; Justine R. Smith; Steven Yeh