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Achieving lambda/10 Resolution CW STED Nanoscopy with a Ti:Sapphire Oscillator

by Yujia Liu; Yichen Ding; Eric Alonas; Wenli Zhao; Philip Santangelo; Dayong Jin; James A. Piper; Junlin Teng; Qiushi Ren; Peng Xi



RSV glycoprotein and genomic RNA dynamics reveal filament assembly prior to the plasma membrane

by Daryll Vanover; Daisy V. Smith; Emmeline L. Blanchard; Eric Alonas; Jonathan L. Kirschman; Aaron W. Lifland; Chiara Zurla; Philip Santangelo



Proximity Ligation Assays for In Situ Detection of Innate Immune Activation: Focus on In Vitro-Transcribed mRNA

by Emmeline L. Blanchard; Kristin H. Loomis; Sushma M. Bhosle; Daryll Vanover; Patrick Baumhof; Bruno Pitard; Chiara Zurla; Philip Santangelo



High-throughput in vivo screen of functional mRNA delivery identifies nanoparticles for endothelial cell gene editing

by Cory D. Sago; Melissa P. Lokugamage; Kalina Paunovska; Daryll A. Vanover; Christopher M. Monaco; Nirav N. Shah; Marielena Gamboa Castro; Shannon E. Anderson; Tobi G. Rudoltz; Gwyneth N. Lando; Pooja Munnilal Tiwari; Jonathan L. Kirschman; Nick Willett; Young C. Jang; Philip J. Santangelo; Anton V. Bryksin; James E. Dahlman



Targeting alpha(4)beta(7) integrin reduces mucosal transmission of simian immunodeficiency virus and protects gut-associated lymphoid tissue from infection

by Siddappa Byrareddy; Brianne Kallam; James Arthos; Claudia Cicala; Fatima Nawaz; Joseph Hiatt; Ellen N. Kersh; Janet M. McNicholl; Debra Hanson; Keith A. Reimann; Markus Brameier; Lutz Walter; Kael Rogers; Ann E. Mayne; Paul Dunbar; Tara Villinger; Dawn Little; Tristram Parslow; Philip Santangelo; Francois Villinger; Anthony S. Fauci; Aftab Ansari



Characterizing exogenous mRNA delivery, trafficking, cytoplasmic release and RNA-protein correlations at the level of single cells

by Jonathan L. Kirschman; Sushma Bhosle; Daryll Vanover; Emmeline L. Blanchard; Kristin H. Loomis; Chiara Zurla; Kathryn Murray; Blaine C. Lam; Philip Santangelo



Structural Analysis of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Reveals the Position of M2-1 between the Matrix Protein and the Ribonucleoprotein Complex

by Gabriella Kiss; Jens M. Holl; Grant M. Williams; Eric Alonas; Daryll Vanover; Aaron W. Lifland; Manasa Gudheti; Ricardo C. Guerrero-Ferreira; Vinod Nair; Hong Yi; Barney S. Graham; Philip Santangelo; Elizabeth R. Wright



Single molecule-sensitive probes for imaging RNA in live cells

by Philip Santangelo; Aaron W. Lifland; Paul Curt; Yukio Sasaki; Gary Bassell; Michael E. Lindquist; James E. Crowe, Jr.



Computing in mammalian cells with nucleic acid strand exchange

by Benjamin Groves; Yuan-Jyue Chen; Chiara Zurla; Sergii Pochekailov; Jonathan L. Kirschman; Philip Santangelo; Georg Seelig