Paulina Rebolledo MD, MSc


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Rotavirus genotype distribution during the pre-vaccine period in Bolivia: 2007-2008

by Rosario Rivera; Kristen Forney; Maria Rene Castro; Paulina Rebolledo; Nataniel Mamani; Maritza Patzi; Percy Halkyer; Juan Leon; Volga Iniguez



The burden of pediatric diarrhea: a cross-sectional study of incurred costs and perceptions of cost among Bolivian families

by Rachel M. Burke; Paulina Rebolledo Esteinou; Sally R. Embrey; Laura Danielle Wagner; Carter L. Cowden; Fiona M. Kelly; Emily R. Smith; Volga Iniguez; Juan Leon



Effects of inflammation on biomarkers of vitamin A status among a cohort of bolivian infants

by Rachel M. Burke; Ralph D. Whitehead Jr.; Janet Figueroa; Denis Whelan; Anna M. Aceituno; Paulina Rebolledo Esteinou; Rita Revollo; Juan Leon; Parminder S Suchdev



Internal Medicine Residents' Knowledge and Practice of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diagnosis

by Natasha Chida; Christopher Brown; Jyoti Mathad; Kelly Carpenter; George Nelson; Marcos Coutinho Schechter; Natalie Giles; Paulina Rebolledo Esteinou; Susan M Ray; Valeria Fabre; Diana Silva Cantillo; Sarah Longworth; Valerianna Amorosa; Christian Petrauskis; Catherine Boulanger; Natalie Cain; Amita Gupta; Jane McKenzie-White; Robert Bollinger; Michael T Melia



Predictors of Inflammation in a Cohort of Bolivian Infants and Toddlers

by Rachel M. Burke; Parminder Suchdev; Paulina Rebolledo; Anna M. Fabiszewski de Aceituno; Rita Revollo; Volga Iniguez; Mitchel Klein; Carolyn Drews-Botsch; Juan Leon