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Diagnostic performance of fusion of myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) and computed tomography coronary angiography

by Cesar A. Santana; Ernest V Garcia; Tracy L. Faber; Gopi K. R. Sirineni; Fabio Esteves; Rupan Sanyal; Raghuveer Halkar; Mario Ornelas; Liudmila Verdes; Stamatios Lerakis; Julie J. Ramos; Santiago Aguade-Bruix; Hugo Cuellar; Jaume Candell-Riera; Paolo Raggi



A Rare Coincidence of Two Coronary Anomalies in an Adult

by Cesar Cruz; Dalton Mclean; Matthew Janik; Paolo Raggi; A. Maziar Zafari



Sex differences in brain activation patterns with mental stress in patients with coronary artery disease

by Nicole Kasher; Matthew T. Wittbrodt; Zuhayr S. Alam; Bruno B. Lima; Jonathon Nye; Carolina Campanella; Stacy Ladd; Muhammad Hammadah; Amit Shah; Paolo Raggi; Arshed Quyyumi; Viola Vaccarino; J. Douglas Bremner



All-cause Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients with Heart Valve Calcification

by Paolo Raggi; Antonio Bellasi; Christopher Gamboa; Emiliana Ferramosca; Carlo Ratti; Geoffrey A. Block; Paul Muntner