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Prognostic relevance of human papillomavirus infection in anal squamous cell carcinoma: Analysis of the national cancer data base

by Jaymin Jhaveri; Lael Rayfield; Yuan Liu; Mudit Chowdhary; Richard J. Cassidy; Nicholas A. Madden; Daniel G. Tanenbaum; Theresa Wicklin Gillespie; Pretesh Patel; Kirtesh Patel; Jerome C Landry



Domestic Job Shortage or Job Maldistribution? A Geographic Analysis of the Current Radiation Oncology Job Market

by Mudit Chowdhary; Arpit M. Chhabra; Jeffrey M. Switchenko; Jaymin Jhaveri; Neilayan Sen; Pretesh Patel; Walter J Curran; Ross A. Abrams; Kirtesh Patel; Gaurav Marwaha