Patricia Moreland


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Leveraging nurse practitioner capacities to achieve global health for all: COVID-19 and beyond

by William E. Rosa; M. Fitzgerald; S. Davis; J.E. Farley; J. Khanyola; J. Kwong; Patricia Moreland; M. Rogers; B. Sibanda; S. Turale



Prevalence and risk factors of intestinal parasites among children under two years of age in a rural area of Rutsiro district, Rwanda – A cross-sectional study

by Eric Butera; Assumpta Mukabutera; Etienne Nsereko; Cyprien Munyanshongore; Nadine Rujeni; Ivan Emile Mwikarago; Patricia Moreland; Manasse Nzayirambaho Manasse



Maternal genitourinary infections and poor nutritional status increase risk of preterm birth in Gasabo District, Rwanda: a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study

by Etienne Nsereko; Aline Uwase; Assumpta Mukabutera; Claude Mambo Muvunyi; Stephen Rulisa; David Ntirushwa; Patricia Moreland; Elizabeth Corwin; Nicole Santos; Manasse Nzayirambaho; Janet M. Wojcicki



Rapid Investment in Nursing to Strengthen the Global COVID-19 Response

by William E. Rosa; Agnes Binagwaho; Howard Catton; Sheila Davis; Paul E. Farmer; Elizabeth Iro; Viola Karanja; Judy Khanyola; Patricia Moreland; John C. Welch; Linda H. Aiken