Pengbo Liu


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Early warning of a COVID-19 surge on a university campus based on wastewater surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 at residence halls

by Colleen Kraft; Christine Moe; Pengbo Liu; Y Wang; H Zhang; M Ibaraki; J VanTassell; K Geith; M Cavallo; R Kann; L Saber; M Lane; S Shartar



Monomeric catechin and dimeric procyanidin B2 against human norovirus surrogates and their physicochemical interactions

by Dan Liu; Jianjun Deng; Snehal Joshi; Pengbo Liu; Chao Zhang; Yan Yu; Ruijuan Zhang; Daidi Fan; Haixia Yang; Doris H. D'Souza



Urban sanitation coverage and environmental fecal contamination: Links between the household and public environments of Accra, Ghana

by David M. Berendes; Amy Kirby; Julie Clennon; Chantal Agbemabiese; Joseph A. Ampofo; George E. Armah; Kelly K. Baker; Pengbo Liu; Heather E. Reese; Katharine A. Robb; Nii Wellington; Habib Yakubu; Christine L Moe