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Therapeutic phlebotomy is safe in children with sickle cell anaemia and can be effective treatment for transfusional iron overload

by Banu Aygun; Nicole A. Mortier; Karen Kesler; Alexandre Lockhart; William H. Schultz; Alan R. Cohen; Ofelia Alvarez; Zora R. Rogers; Janet L. Kwiatkowski; Scott T. Miller; Pamela Sylvestre; Rathi Iyer; Peter Lane; Russell E. Ware; Stroke With Transfusions Changing to Hydroxyurea (SWiTCH) Trial Investigators



Determining Adherence to Quality Indicators in Sickle Cell Anemia Using Multiple Data Sources

by Cindy E. Neunert; Robert Gibson; Peter Lane; Pragya Verma-Bhatnagar; Vaughn Barry; Mei Zhou; Angela Snyder



Renal Function in Infants with Sickle Cell Anemia: Baseline Data from the BABY HUG Trial

by Russell E. Ware; Renee C. Rees; Sharada A. Sarnaik; Rathi V. Iyer; Ofelia A. Alvarez; James F. Casella; Barry L. Shulkin; Eglal Shalaby-Rana; C. Frederic Strife; John H. Miller; Peter Lane; Winfred C. Wang; Scott T. Miller; The BABY HUG Investigators



The accuracy of hospital ICD-9-CM codes for determining Sickle Cell Disease genotype.

by Angela B. Snyder; Peter Lane; Mei Zhou; Susan T. Paulukonis; Mary M. Hulihan