Phyllis E Kozarsky MD


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Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of patients with monkeypox in the GeoSentinel Network: a cross-sectional study

by Phyllis Kozarsky; Kristina Angelo; T Smith; D Camprubí-Ferrer; L Balerdi-Sarasola; M Díaz Menéndez; G Servera-Negre; S Barkati; A Duvignaud; KLB Huber; A Chakravarti; E Bottieau; C Greenaway; MP Grobusch; D Mendes Pedro; H Asgeirsson; CP Popescu; C Martin; C Licitra; A de Frey; E Schwartz; M Beadsworth; S Lloveras; CS Larsen; SAJ Guagliardo; F Whitehill; R Huits; DH Hamer; M Libman; L Blumberg; H Chaussade; A Desclaux; E Florence; S Aysel Florescu; H Glans; M Glynn; A Goorhuis; M Klein; D Malvy; A McCollum; J Muñoz; D Nguyen; L Quilter; C Rothe; P Soentjens; C Tumiotto; J Vanhamel



Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of travelers' diarrhea: a graded expert panel report

by Mark S. Riddle; Bradley A. Connor; Nicholas J. Beeching; Herbert L. DuPont; Davidson H. Hamer; Phyllis E Kozarsky; Michael Libman; Robert Steffen; David Taylor; David R. Tribble; Jordi Vila; Philipp Zanger; Charles D. Ericsson



Malaria after international travel: A GeoSentinel analysis, 2003-2016

by Kristina Angelo; Michael Libman; Eric Caumes; Davidson H. Hamer; Kevin C Kain; Karin Leder; Martin P. Grobusch; Stefan H Hagmann; Phyllis Kozarsky; David G. Lalloo; Poh-Lian Lim; Calvin Patimeteeporn; Philippe Gautret; Silvia Odolini; François Chappuis; Douglas H. Esposito



Health communication during SARS

by Paul M. Arguin; Ava W. Navin; Stephanie F. Steele; Leisa H. Weld; Phyllis E Kozarsky



Regional variation in travel-related illness acquired in Africa, March 1997-May 2011

by Marc Mendelson; Pauline V. Han; Peter Vincent; Frank von Sonnenburg; Jakob P. Cramer; Louis Loutan; Kevin C. Kain; Philippe Parola; Stefan Hagmann; Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas; Mark Sotir; Patricia Schlagenhauf; Phyllis E Kozarsky; Of The Members



Pre-Travel Preparation of US Travelers Going Abroad to Provide Humanitarian Service, Global TravEpiNet 2009-2011

by Rhett J. Stoney; Emily S. Jentes; Mark J. Sotir; Phyllis E Kozarsky; Sowmya R. Rao; Regina C. LaRocque; Edward T. Ryan; Of Members



Advanced age a risk factor for illness temporally associated with yellow fever vaccination

by Michael Martin; Leisa H. Weld; Theodore F. Tsai; Gina T. Mootrey; Robert T. Chen; Manette Niu; Martin S. Cetron; Phyllis E Kozarsky



Filariasis in travelers presenting to the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network

by Ettie M. Lipner; Melissa A. Law; Elizabeth Barnett; Jay S. Keystone; Frank von Sonnenburg; Louis Loutan; D. Rebecca Prevots; Amy D. Klion; Thomas B. Nutman; Phyllis E Kozarsky