Patrick Amar MD


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Pain Medication Use Among Patients With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

by Ann Schwartz; Rebekah G. Bradley; Kristin M. Penza; Melissa Sexton; Daniel Jay; Patrick Haggard; Steven Garlow; Kerry Ressler



Marijuana use in the immediate 5-year premorbid period is associated with increased risk of onset of schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders

by Mary Kelley; Claire Ramsay Wan; Beth Broussard; Anthony Crisafio; Sarah Cristofaro; Stephanie Johnson; Thomas A. Reed; Patrick Amar; Nadine Kaslow; Elaine Walker; Michael T. Compton



Personality domains, duration of untreated psychosis, functioning, and symptom severity in first-episode psychosis

by Michael T. Compton; Roger Bakeman; Yazeed Alolayan; Pierfrancesco Maria Balducci; Francesco Bernardini; Beth Broussard; Anthony Crisafio; Sarah Cristofaro; Patrick Amar; Stephanie Johnson; Claire Ramsay Wan