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ECAS: Psychology

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It’s all about location, location, location: Children’s memory for the “where” of personally experienced events

by Patricia Bauer; Ayzit O. Doydum; Thanujeni Pathman; Marina Larkina; O. Evren Guler; Melissa Burch



Characters and clues: Factors affecting children's extension of knowledge through integration of separate episodes

by Patricia Bauer; Jessica E. King; Marina Larkina; Nicole L. Varga; Elizabeth A. White



Cognition assessment using the NIH Toolbox.

by Sandra Weintraub; Sureyya S. Dikmen; Robert K. Heaton; David S. Tulsky; Philip D. Zelazo; Patricia Bauer; Noelle E. Carlozzi; Jerry Slotkin; David Blitz; Kathleen Wallner-Allen; Nathan A. Fox; Jennifer L. Beaumont; Dan Mungas; Cindy J. Nowinski; Jennifer Richler; Joanne A. Deocampo; Jacob E. Anderson; Jennifer J. Manly; Beth Borosh; Richard Havlik; Kevin Conway; Emmeline Edwards; Lisa Freund; Jonathan W. King; Claudia Moy; Ellen Witt; Richard C. Gershon