Pawel Jastreboff ScD/PhD


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Consensus Definition of Misophonia: A Delphi Study

by Susan E Swedo; David M Baguley; Damiaan Denys; Laura J Dixon; Mercede Erfanian; Alessandra Fioretti; Pawel Jastreboff; Sukhbinder Kumar; Zachary Rosenthal; Romke Rouw; Daniela Schiller; Julia Simner; Eric A Storch; Steven Taylor; Kathy R Vander Werff; Cara M Altimus; Sylvina M Raver



A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of neramexane in patients with moderate to severe subjective tinnitus

by Markus Suckfüll; Michael Althaus; Barbara Ellers-Lenz; Alexander Gebauer; Roman Gortelmeyer; Pawel Jastreboff; Hans J. Moebius; Tanja Rosenberg; Hermann Russ; Yvonne Wirth; Hagen Krueger