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Pre- and postnatal polychlorinated biphenyl exposure and cognitive and behavioral development at age 45 Months in a cohort of Slovak children

by Regina M Simeone; Penelope Howards; Elizabeth Anderson; Todd A Jusko; Beata Drobna; Anton Kočan; Kamil Conka; Anna Fabisikova; L’ubica P Murinova; Richard L Canfield; Dean Sonneborn; Soňa Wimmerova; Kelly Thevenet-Morrison; Tomáš Trnovec; Irva Hertz-Picciotto; Eva Šovčíková



Piloting a computer assisted telephone interview: the FUCHSIA Women's Study

by Helen B. Chin; Candice Y. Johnson; Konny H. Kim; Jessica H. Knight; Ann Mertens; Pamela J. Mink; Regina M. Simeone; Jill J. Woodard; Penelope Howards



Exposure–response relationships for personal exposure to fine particulate matter (PM<inf>2·5</inf>), carbon monoxide, and black carbon and birthweight: an observational analysis of the multicountry Household Air Pollution Intervention Network (HAPIN) trial

by Lance Waller; Usha Ramakrishnan; Penelope Howards; Nelson Steenland; Thomas Clasen; Howard Chang; Ajay Pillarisetti; Lisa Thompson; K Balakrishnan; M Johnson; W Ye; LP Naeher; A Diaz-Artiga; JP McCracken; G Rosa; MA Kirby; G Thangavel; S Sambandam; K Mukhopadhyay; N Puttaswamy; V Aravindalochanan; S Garg; F Ndagijimana; S Hartinger; LJ Underhill; KA Kearns; D Campbell; J Kremer; S Jabbarzadeh; J Wang; Y Chen; J Rosenthal; A Quinn; AT Papageorghiou; W Checkley; JL Peel