Peijian He


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Autotaxin-LPA receptor axis in the pathogenesis of lung diseases.

by Xiangpeng Chu; Xiaojie Wei; Shaolin Lu; Peijian He



Evidence for a causal link between adaptor protein PDZK1 downregulation and Na+/H+ exchanger NHE3 dysfunction in human and murine colitis

by Sunil Yeruva; Giriprakash Chodisetti; Min Luo; Mingmin Chen; Ayhan Cinar; Lisa Ludolph; Maria Luennemann; Julia Goldstein; Anurag Kumar Singh; Brigitte Riederer; Oliver Bachmann; Andre Bleich; Markus Gereke; Dunja Bruder; Susan Hagen; Peijian He; Chang-Hyon Yun; Ursula Seidler



Genomics Approach of the Natural Product Pharmacology for High Impact Diseases

by Yong Wang; Qin Feng; Peijian He; Lixin Zhu; Guoxun Chen