P Nagaraju Ganji PhD, DSc, FAACC

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Phone: 404-778-3558

Email: pganji@emory.edu

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SOM: HMO: Med Onc

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Degrees Held:

  • MS, SV University, India, 1998
  • PhD, SV University, India, 2004

Biography/Description of Research:

Dr Ganji Purnachandra Nagaraju, PhD, faculty in Emory University. His work mainly focuses on basic as well as translational cancer research. He published above 25 research papers in several prestigious peerreviewed journals, presented above 25 abstracts in various conferences. He was also given Junior Scientist award by the ASIOA. He is a member of four reputed scientific societies in the USA. He serves as an editorial board member and a reviewer of several internationally recognized academic journals. As a leading researcher in the cancer field, he is currently investigating the role of HSP-90 inhibitors, curcumin and its analogues in advanced GI cancers.

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FAK activation is required for IGF1R-mediated regulation of EMT, migration, and invasion in mesenchymal triple negative breast cancer cells

by Latonia Smith; Elaine Oberlick; Tongrui Lui; Trishna McGlothen; Tiffanie Alcaide; Rachel Tobin; Siobhan Donnelly; Rachel Commander; Eric Kline; P Nagaraju Ganji; Lauren Havel; Adam I Marcus; Rita Nahta; Ruth O'Regan



CHD7 Expression Predicts Survival Outcomes in Patients with Resected Pancreatic Cancer

by Lauren E. Colbert; Aleksandra V. Petrova; Sarah B. Fisher; Brooke G. Pantazides; Matthew Z. Madden; Claire W. Hardy; Matthew D. Warren; Yunfeng Pan; P Nagaraju Ganji; Elaine A. Liu; Burcu Saka; WA Hall; Joseph W Shelton; Khanjan Gandhi; Rini Pauly; Jeanne Kowalski; David A Kooby; Bassel El-Rayes; Charles Staley; Nazmi Adsay; Walter Curran Jr; Jerome C Landry; Shishir Kumar Maithel; David Yu



Broad targeting of angiogenesis for cancer prevention and therapy

by Zongwei Wang; Charlotta Dabrosin; Xin Yin; Mark M. Fuster; Alexandra Arreola; W. Kimryn Rathmell; Daniele Generali; Purnachandra Ganji; Bassel El-Rayes; Domenico Ribatti; Yi Charlie Chen; Kanya Honoki; Hiromasa Fujii; Alexandros G. Georgakilas; Somaira Nowsheen; Amedeo Amedei; Elena Niccolai; Amr Amin; S. Salman Ashraf; Bill Helferich; Xujuan Yang; Gunjan Guha; Dipita Bhakta; Maria Rosa Ciriolo; Katia Aquilano; Sophie Chen; Dorota Halicka; Sulma I. Mohammed; Asfar S. Azmi; Alan Bilsland; W. Nicol Keith; Lasse D. Jensen