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Testing Tele-Savvy: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

by M.A. Kovaleva; E. Bilsborough; Patricia Griffiths; Joe R. Nocera; Melinda K Higgins; F. Epps; K. Kilgore; A. Lindauer; D. Morhardt; R.C. Shah; Kenneth Hepburn



The Accuracy of New Wheelchair Users' Predictions About Their Future Wheelchair Use

by Helen Hoenig; Patricia Griffiths; Shanti Ganesh; Kevin Caves; Frances Harris



A randomized controlled trial on Stroke telerehabilitation: The effects on falls self-efficacy and satisfaction with care

by Neale R. Chumbler; Xinli Li; Patricia Quigley; Miriam C. Morey; Dorian Rose; Patricia Griffiths; Jon Sanford; Helen Hoenig



Study protocol: home-based telehealth stroke care: a randomized trial for veterans

by Neale R Chumbler; Dorian K Rose; Patricia Griffiths; Patricia Quigley; Nancy McGee-Hernandez; Katherine A Carlson; Phyllis Vandenberg; Miriam C Morey; Jon Sanford; Helen Hoenig



Implementing telerehabilitation research for stroke rehabilitation with community dwelling veterans: lessons learned.

by Neale R. Chumbler; Patricia Quigley; Jon Sanford; Patricia Griffiths; Dorian Rose; Miriam Morey; E. Wesley Ely; Helen Hoenig