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Prenatal antiepileptic exposure associates with neonatal DNA methylation differences

by Alicia K Smith; Karen N Conneely; D. Jeffrey Newport; Varun Kilaru; James W. Schroeder; Page B. Pennell; Bettina T. Knight; Joseph F Cubells; Zachary N. Stowe; Patricia Brennan



DNA methylation in neonates born to women receiving psychiatric care

by James W. Schroeder; Alicia K Smith; Patricia Brennan; Karen N Conneely; Varun Kilaru; Bettina T. Knight; D. Jeffrey Newport; Joseph F Cubells; Zachary N Stowe



Neonatal DNA methylation patterns associate with gestational age

by James W Schroeder; Karen N Conneely; Joseph F Cubells; Varun Kilaru; D Jeffrey Newport; Bettina T Knight; Zachary N Stowe; Patricia Brennan; Julia Krushkal; Frances A Tylavsky; Robert N Taylor; Ronald M Adkins; Alicia K Smith