R Doyle Stulting Jr. MD/PhD


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Effect of Donor and Recipient Factors on Corneal Graft Rejection

by R Doyle Stulting Jr.; Alan Sugar; Roy Beck; Michael Belin; Mariya Dontchev; Robert S. Feder; Robin L. Gal; Edward J. Holland; Craig Kollman; Mark J. Mannis; Francis Price; Walter Stark; David D. Verdier



The effect of donor age on penetrating keratoplasty for endothelial disease: Graft survival after 10 years in the cornea donor study

by Mark J. Mannis; Edward J Holland; Robin L. Gal; Mariya Dontchev; Craig Kollman; Dan Raghinaru; Steven P. Dunn; Robert L. Schultze; David D. Verdier; Jonathan H. Lass; Irving M. Raber; Joel Sugar; Mark S. Gorovoy; Alan Sugar; R Doyle Stulting Jr.; Monty M. Montoya; Jeffery G. Penta; Beth Ann Benetz; Roy W. Beck



Baseline Factors Related to Endothelial Cell Loss Following Penetrating Keratoplasty

by Jonathan H. Lass; Roy W. Beck; Beth Ann Benetz; Mariya Dontchev; Robin L. Gal; Edward J. Holland; Craig Kollman; Mark J. Mannis; Francis Price Jr.; Irving Raber; Walter Stark; R Doyle Stulting Jr.; Alan Sugar