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Centrosome amplification: a quantifiable cancer cell trait with prognostic value in solid malignancies

by Nazmi Adsay; Michelle Reid; Omer Kucuk; K Mittal; J Kaur; M Jaczko; G Wei; MS Toss; EA Rakha; EAM Janssen; H Soiland; MV Gupta; R Aneja



Lycopene Protects Against Spontaneous Ovarian Cancer Formation in Laying Hens

by Kazim Sahin; Engin Yenice; Mehmet Tuzcu; Cemal Orhan; Cengizhan Mizrak; Ibrahim H. Ozercan; Nurhan Sahin; Bahiddin Yilmaz; Birdal Bilir; Bulent Ozpolat; Omer Kucuk



PDGF Upregulates Mcl-1 Through Activation of β-Catenin and HIF-1α-Dependent Signaling in Human Prostate Cancer Cells

by Shareen Iqbal; Shumin Zhang; Adel Driss; Zhi-Ren Liu; Hyeong-Reh Choi Kim; Yanru Wang; Chad Ritenour; Haiyen E. Zhau; Omer Kucuk; Leland W.K. Chung; Daqing Wu



Dietary Agents in Cancer Chemoprevention and Treatment

by Julian J. Raffoul; Omer Kucuk; Fazlul H. Sarkar; Gilda G. Hillman



Pharmacological inhibition of noncanonical EED-EZH2 signaling overcomes chemoresistance in prostate cancer

by Xin Li; Lajos Gera; Shumin Zhang; Yanhua Chen; Lei Lou; Lauren Marie Wilson; Zhong-Ru Xie; Giuseppe Sautto; Degang Liu; Alira Danaher; Kenza Mamouni; Yang Yang; Yuhong Du; Haian Fu; Omer Kucuk; Adeboye Osunkoya; Jia Zhou; Daqing Wu