Otis W Brawley MD


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First international TNBC conference meeting report

by Padmashree C. G. Rida; Angela Ogden; Ian O. Ellis; Zsuzsanna Varga; Antonio C. Wolff; Tiffany A. Traina; Christos Hatzis; Julie R. Palmer; Christine B. Ambrosone; Brian D. Lehmann; Rita Nanda; Valerie M. Rice; Otis W Brawley; Mylin Torres; Emad Rakha; Ritu Aneja



Perceptions of Patients With Breast and Colon Cancer of the Management of Cancer-Related Pain, Fatigue, and Emotional Distress in Community Oncology

by Tenbroeck G. Smith; Alyssa N. Troeschel; Kathleen M. Castro; Neeraj K. Arora; Kevin Stein; Joseph Lipscomb; Otis Brawley; Ryan M. McCabe McCabe; Steven B. Clauser; Elizabeth Ward



Examining racial differences in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma presentation and survival

by Christopher R Flowers; Pareen J. Shenoy; Uma Borate; Kevin Bumpers; Tanyanika Douglas-Holland; Nassoma King; Otis W Brawley; Joseph Lipscomb; Mary Jo Lechowicz; Rajni Sinha; Rajinder S. Grover; Leon Bernal-Mizrachi; Jeanne Kowalski; Will Donnellan; Angelina The; Vishnu Reddy; David L Jaye; James Foran



American Cancer Society Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines

by Richard Wender; Elizabeth T. H. Fontham; Ermilo Barrera, Jr.; Graham A. Colditz; Timothy R. Church; David S. Ettinger; Ruth Etzioni; Christopher R Flowers; G. Scott Gazelle; Douglas K. Kelsey; Samuel J. LaMonte; James S. Michaelson; Kevin C. Oeffinger; Ya-Chen Tina Shih; Daniel C. Sullivan; William Travis; Louise Walter; Andrew M. D. Wolf; Otis W Brawley; Robert A. Smith