Nanette Kass Wenger MD


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VKORC1-1639A allele influences warfarin maintenance dosage among Blacks receiving warfarin anticoagulation: A retrospective cohort study

by Fatima Donia Mili; Tenecia Allen; Paula Weinstein Wadell; W. Craig Hooper; Christine De Staercke; Christopher J. Bean; Cathy Lally; Harland Austin; Nanette K Wenger



Evaluation of the Pooled Cohort Risk Equations for Cardiovascular Risk Prediction in a Multiethnic Cohort From the Women's Health Initiative

by Samia Mora; Nanette Wenger; Nancy R. Cook; Jingmin Liu; Barbara V. Howard; Marian C. Limacher; Simin Liu; Karen L. Margolis; Lisa W. Martin; Nina P. Paynter; Paul M. Ridker; Jennifer G. Robinson; Jacques E. Rossouw; Monika M. Safford; JoAnn E. Manson



Determinants of Residual Risk in Secondary Prevention Patients Treated With High- Versus Low-Dose Statin Therapy The Treating to New Targets (TNT) Study

by Samia Mora; Nanette Wenger; David A. DeMicco; Andrei Breazna; S. Matthijs Boekholdt; Benoit J. Arsenault; Prakash Deedwania; John J.P. Kastelein; David D. Waters



Comprehensive primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in women

by Suegene K. Lee; Jay Khambhati; Tina Varghese; Eric P. Stahl; Sonali Kumar; Pratik B. Sandesara; Nanette K Wenger; Laurence S Sperling



Electrocardiograms of Menopausal Women With Coronary Heart Disease or at Increased Risk for Its Occurrence

by Nanette K. Wenger; Jennifer M. Mischke; Rolf Schroeder; Klaus Schroeder; Peter Collins; Deborah Grady; Marcel Kornitzer; Lori Mosca; Elizabeth Barrett-Connor