Nanette Kass Wenger MD


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Strategies and methods to study sex differences in cardiovascular structure and function: a guide for basic scientists

by Virginia M Miller; Jay R Kaplan; Nicholas J Schork; Pamela Ouyang; Sarah L Berga; Nanette K Wenger; Leslee J Shaw; R Clinton Webb; Monica Mallampalli; Meir Steiner; Doris A Taylor; C Noel Bairey Merz; Jane F Reckelhoff



What to Expect From the Evolving Field of Geriatric Cardiology

by Susan P. Bell; Nicole M. Orr; John A. Dodson; Michael W. Rich; Nanette Wenger; Kay Blum; John Gordon Harold; Mary Tinetti; Mathew S. Maurer; Daniel E. Forman



Gerotechnology for Older Adults With Cardiovascular Diseases JACC State-of-the-Art Review

by Nanette Wenger; A Krishnaswami; C Beavers; MP Dorsch; JA Dodson; RM Creber; S Kitsiou; P Goyal; MS Maurer; DS Croy; KP Alexander; JA Batsis; MP Turakhia; DE Forman; GM Bernacki; JN Kirkpatrick; NM Orr; ED Peterson; MW Rich; AM Freeman; SP Bhavnani



Women and atrial fibrillation

by Annabelle Santos Volgman; Emelia J. Benjamin; Anne B. Curtis; Margaret C. Fang; Kathryn J. Lindley; Gerald V. Naccarelli; Carl J. Pepine; Odayme Quesada; Marmar Vaseghi; Albert L. Waldo; Nanette Wenger; Andrea M. Russo



Strategies and methods to study female-specific cardiovascular health and disease: a guide for clinical scientists

by Pamela Ouyang; Nanette Wenger; Doris Taylor; Janet W. Rich-Edwards; Meir Steiner; Leslee Shaw; Sarah L. Berga; Virginia M. Miller; Noel Bairey Merz



The Clinical Spectrum of Myocardial Infarction and Ischemia With Nonobstructive Coronary Arteries in Women

by Inge J van den Hoogen; Umberto Gianni; Malissa J Wood; Viviany R Taqueti; Fay Y Lin; Sharonne N Hayes; Gudrun M Feuchtner; Alexander R van Rosendael; Nanette Wenger; Janet Wei; Noel Bairey C Merz; Carl J Pepine; Leslee Shaw