Nanette Kass Wenger MD


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Aortic valve disease in the older adult

by Nanette Wenger; Neal Bhatia; Sukhdeep S. Basra; Adam H. Skolnick



The Clinical Spectrum of Myocardial Infarction and Ischemia With Nonobstructive Coronary Arteries in Women

by Nanette Wenger; Leslee Shaw; IJ van den Hoogen; U Gianni; MJ Wood; VR Taqueti; FY Lin; SN Hayes; GM Feuchtner; AR van Rosendael; J Wei; CNB Merz; CJ Pepine




Atorvastatin 10 mg plus ezetimibe versus titration to atorvastatin 40 mg: attainment of European and Canadian guideline lipid targets in high-risk subjects ≥65 years

by Christian Constance; Ori Ben-Yehuda; Nanette K Wenger; Franklin Zieve; Jianxin Lin; Mary E Hanson; Robert S Lowe; Andrew M Tershakovec



Management of Women With Acquired Cardiovascular Disease From Pre-Conception Through Pregnancy and Postpartum

by Nanette Wenger; K Park; CNB Merz; NA Bello; M Davis; C Duvernoy; IY Elgendy; KC Ferdinand; A Hameed; D Itchhaporia; MB Minissian; H Reynolds; P Mehta; AM Russo; RU Shah; AS Volgman; J Wei; CJ Pepine; KJ Lindley



Diagnostic Cardiovascular Imaging and Therapeutic Strategies in Pregnancy

by Nanette Wenger; Neal Dickert; Leslee Shaw; NA Bello; CNB Merz; H Brown; MB Davis; SC El Hajj; C Giullian; O Quesada; K Park; RM Sanghani; AS Volgman; D Williams; CJ Pepine; KJ Lindley