Norman Wendell Todd Jr. MD


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Cilia distribution and polarity in the epithelial lining of the mouse middle ear cavity.

by Wenwei Luo; Hong Yi; Jeannette Taylor; Jian-dong Li; Fanglu Chi; Norman Todd Jr.; Xi Lin; Dongdong Ren; Ping Chen




Modifiable risk factors control and its relationship with 1 year outcomes after coronary artery bypass surgery: insights from the REACH registry

by Rajendra H. Mehta; Deepak L. Bhatt; Ph. Gabriel Steg; Shinya Goto; Alan T. Hirsch; Chiau-Suong Liau; Joachim Roether; Peter Wilson; Alain-Jean Richard; Kim A. Eagle; E. Magnus Ohman; Norman Todd Jr.



A Low-Cost Exon Capture Method Suitable for Large-Scale Screening of Genetic Deafness by the Massively-Parallel Sequencing Approach

by Wenxue Tang; Dong Qian; Shoeb Ahmad; Douglas E Mattox; Norman Wendell Todd Jr.; Harrison Han; Shouting Huang; Yuhua Li; Yunfeng Wang; Huawei Li; Xi Lin



Comprehensive genetic testing of Chinese SNHL patients and variants interpretation using ACMG guidelines and ethnically matched normal controls

by Yongyi Yuan; Qi Li; Yu Su; Qiongen Lin; Xue Gao; Hankui Liu; Shasha Huang; Dongyang Kang; Norman Wendell Todd Jr.; Douglas Mattox; Jiannguo Zhang; Xi Lin; Pu Dai