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SPH: Epidemiology

School Of Public Health

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HIV Infection Is Associated With Downregulation of BTLA Expression on Mycobacterium tuberculosis-Specific CD4T Cells in Active Tuberculosis Disease

by Morgan S. Barham; Deborah A. Abrahams; Jeremiah Khayumbi; Joshua Ongalo; Joan Tonui; Angela Campbell; Marwou de Kock; Samuel Gurrion Ouma; Felix Hayara Odhiambo; Willem A. Hanekom; Neel Gandhi; Cheryl Day



CD4 T Cells in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Schistosoma mansoni Co-infected Individuals Maintain Functional TH1 Responses

by Taryn A. McLaughlin; Jeremiah Khayumbi; Joshua Ongalo; Joan Tonui; Angela Campbell; Salim Allana; Samuel Gurrion Ouma; Felix Hayara Odhiambo; Neel Gandhi; Cheryl Day



Distinct Human NK Cell Phenotypes and Functional Responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Adults From TB Endemic and Non-endemic Regions

by Levelle D. Harris; Jeremiah Khayumbi; Joshua Ongalo; Loren E. Sasser; Joan Tonui; Angela Campbell; Felix Hayara Odhiambo; Samuel Gurrion Ouma; Galit Alter; Neel Gandhi; Cheryl Day



High Prevalence of inhA Promoter Mutations among Patients with Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

by Abraham J. Niehaus; Koleka Mlisana; Neel Gandhi; Barun Mathema; James C. M. Brust



An optimized background regimen design to evaluate the contribution of levofloxacin to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment regimens: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

by Tara C. Bouton; Patrick P. J. Phillips; Carole D. Mitnick; Charles A. Peloquin; Kathleen Eisenach; Ramonde F. Patientia; Leonid Lecca; Eduardo Gotuzzo; Neel Gandhi; Donna Butler; Andreas H. Diacon; Bruno Martel; Juan Santillan; Kathleen Robergeau Hunt; Dante Vargas; Florian von Groote-Bidlingmaier; Carlos Seas; Nancy Dianis; Antonio Moreno-Martinez; C. Robert Horsburgh



Use of Multiple Imputation to Estimate the Proportion of Respiratory Virus Detections Among Patients Hospitalized With Community-Acquired Pneumonia

by Catherine H. Bozio; W Dana Flanders; Lyn Finelli; Anna M. Bramley; Carrie Reed; Neel R. Gandhi; Jorge Vidal Graniel; Dean Erdman; Min Z. Levine; Stephen Lindstrom; Krow Ampofo; Sandra R. Arnold; Wesley H. Self; Derek J. Williams; Carlos G. Grijalva; Evan Anderson; Jonathan A. McCullers; Kathryn M. Edwards; Andrew T. Pavia; Richard G. Wunderink; Seema Jain