Nicole Luisi


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PrEP awareness and use among reproductive age women in Miami, Florida

by Nicole Luisi; NF Nogueira; AS Salazar; EM Cherenack; P Raccamarich; NR Klatt; DL Jones; ML Alcaide



A stakeholder-driven framework for measuring potential change in the health risks of people who inject drugs (PWID) during the COVID-19 pandemic

by Heather Bradley; Chelsea Austin; Sean T Allen; Alice Asher; Tyler S Bartholomew; Amy Board; Annick Borquez; Kate Buchacz; Anastasia Carter; Hannah Cooper; Judith Feinberg; Nathan Furukawa; Becky Genberg; Pamina M Gorbach; Holly Hagan; Emalie Huriaux; Hermione Hurley; Nicole Luisi; Natasha K Martin; Eli Rosenberg; Steffanie A Strathdee; Don C Des Jarlais



Methods for Authenticating Participants in Fully Web-Based Mobile App Trials from the iReach Project: Cross-sectional Study

by Jodie Guest; Elizabeth Adam; Iaah L Lucas; Cristian J Chandler; Rebecca Filipowicz; Nicole Luisi; Laura Gravens; Kingsley Leung; Tanaka Chavanduka; Erin E Bonar; Jose A Bauermeister; Rob Stephenson; Patrick Sullivan



Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Cumulative Incidence, United States, August 2020-December 2020

by Patrick Sullivan; Aaron Siegler; Kayoko Shioda; Eric W Hall; Heather Bradley; Travis Sanchez; Nicole Luisi; Mariah Valentine-Graves; Kristin Nelson; Mansour Fahimi; Amanda Kamali; Charles Sailey; Benjamin Lopman



SARS-CoV-2 Cumulative Incidence and Period Seroprevalence: Results From a Statewide Population-Based Serosurvey in California

by Katherine Lamba; Heather Bradley; Kayoko Shioda; Patrick Sullivan; Nicole Luisi; Eric W Hall; Megha L Mehrotra; Esther Lim; Seema Jain; Amanda Kamali; Travis Sanchez; Benjamin Lopman; Mansour Fahimi; Aaron Siegler