Nima Kokabi


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International recommendations for personalised selective internal radiation therapy of primary and metastatic liver diseases with yttrium-90 resin microspheres

by Nima Kokabi; H Levillain; O Bagni; CM Deroose; A Dieudonne; S Gnesin; OS Grosser; SC Kappadath; A Kennedy; DM Liu; DC Madoff; A Mahvash; A Martinez de la Cuesta; DCE Ng; PM Paprottka; C Pettinato; M Rodriguez-Fraile; R Salem; B Sangro; L Strigari; DY Sze; BJ de Wit van der Veen; P Flamen



Safety and efficacy of percutaneous cholecystostomy for emphysematous cholecystitis

by Amir Imanzadeh; Nima Kokabi; Sarvenaz Pourjabbar; Igor Latich; Jeffrey Pollak; Hyun Kim; Gowthaman Gunabushanam



Genomic mutations and histopathologic biomarkers in Y90 radioembolization for chemorefractory colorectal liver metastases

by Meaghan S. Dendy; Johannes M. Ludwig; Nima Kokabi; Stacey M. Stein; Jill Lacy; Howard S. Hochster; Hyun S. Kim