Neela Goswami

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Adjunct Asst Professor

SOM: Medicine: Infectious Dis

School Of Medicine

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Associations Between Neighborhood Characteristics, Social Cohesion, and Perceived Sex Partner Risk and Non-Monogamy Among HIV-Seropositive and HIV-Seronegative Women in the Southern US

by Danielle F. Haley; Gina Wingood; Michael Kramer; Regine Haardoerfer; Adaora A. Adimora; Anna Rubtsova; Andrew Edmonds; Neela Goswami; Christina Ludema; DeMarc A. Hickson; Catalina Ramirez; Zev Ross; Hector Bolivar; Hannah Cooper



Geographic Information System-based Screening for TB, HIV, and Syphilis (GIS-THIS): A Cross-Sectional Study

by Neela Goswami; Emily J. Hecker; Carter Vickery; Marshall A. Ahearn; Gary M. Cox; David Holland; Susanna Naggie; Carla Piedrahita; Ann Mosher; Yvonne Torres; Brianna L. Norton; Sujit Suchindran; Paul H. Park; Debbie Turner; Jason E. Stout



Feasibility and willingness-to-pay for integrated community-based tuberculosis testing

by Neela Goswami; Emily Hecker; David Holland; Susanna Naggie; Gary M. Cox; Ann Mosher; Debbie Turner; Yvonne Torres; Carter Vickery; Marshall A. Ahearn; Michela LM Blain; Petra Rasmussen; Jason E Stout



A model for bringing TB expertise to HIV providers: Medical consultations to the CDC-funded Regional Tuberculosis Training and Medical Consultation Centers, 2013-2017

by Robyn Fernando; Ashley C. McDowell; Rajita Bhavaraju; Henry Fraimow; John W. Wilson; Lisa Armitige; Connie Haley; Neela Goswami



Linezolid use for the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, TB centers of excellence, United States, 2013–2018

by Neela Goswami; A McDowell; M Haas; B Seaworth; JW Wilson; A Patrawalla; C Haley; M Lauzardo; M de Bruyn



Tuberculosis Mortality in the United States: Epidemiology and Prevention Opportunities

by Neela Goswami; Suzanne Beavers; Lisa Pascopella; Amy L. Davidow; Joan M. Mangan; Yael R. Hirsch-Moverman; Jonathan E. Golub; Henry Michael Blumberg; Risa M. Webb; Rachel A. Royce; Susan E. Buskin; Michael K. Leonard; Paul C. Weinfurter; Robert W. Belknap; Stephen E. Hughes; Jon V. Warkentin; Sharon F. Welbel; Thaddeus L. Miller; Saini R. Kundipati; Michael Lauzardo; Pennan M. Barry; Dolly J. Katz; Denise O. Garrett; Edward A. Graviss; Jennifer M. Flood