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Not SAD at All: New Scoring Rules and an Online Scoring Manual

by Nancy Abbey Collop; Michelle M. Tangredi; Richard B. Berry



Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating a Multifaceted Quality Improvement Intervention to Promote Sleep in an ICU

by Nancy Collop; BB Kamdar; J Yang; LM King; KJ Neufeld; OJ Bienvenu; AM Rowden; RG Brower; DM Needham



The association of sleep quality, delirium, and sedation status with daily participation in physical therapy in the ICU

by Biren B. Kamdar; Michael P. Combs; Elizabeth Colantuoni; Lauren M. King; Timothy Niessen; Karin J. Neufeld; Nancy Collop; Dale M. Needham



Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine Guidelines on Preoperative Screening and Assessment of Adult Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea

by Frances Chung; Stavros G. Memtsoudis; Satya Krishna Ramachandran; Mahesh Nagappa; Mathias Opperer; Crispiana Cozowicz; Sara Patrawala; David Lam; Anjana Kumar; Girish P. Joshi; John Fleetham; Najib Ayas; Nancy Collop; Anthony G. Doufas; Matthias Eikermann; Marina Englesakis; Bhargavi Gali; Peter Gay; Adrian V. Hernandez; Roop Kaw; Eric J. Kezirian; Atul Malhotra; Babak Mokhlesi; Sairam Parthasarathy; Tracey Stierer; Frank Wappler; David R. Hillman; Dennis Auckley



Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Cardiovascular Correlates in College Football Players

by Jonathan Kim; Casey Hollowed; Morgan Irwin-Weyant; Keyur Patel; Kareem Hosny; Hiroshi Aida; Zaina Gowani; Salman Sher; Patrick Gleason; James L. Shoop; Angelo Galante; Craig Clark; Yi-An Ko; Arshed Quyyumi; Nancy Collop; Aaron L. Baggish