Nicole Martin Franks MD


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Overcoming barriers to promotion for women and underrepresented in medicine faculty in academic emergency medicine

by Laura Oh; Judith A. Linden; Amy Zeidan; Bisan Salhi; Penelope C. Lema; Ava E. Pierce; Andrea L. Greene; Sandra L. Werner; Sheryl Heron; Michelle Lall; John T. Finnell; Nicole Franks; Nicole Battaglioli; Jordana Haber; Christopher Sampson; Jonathan Fisher; M. Tyson Pillow; Ankur A. Doshi; Bruce Lo



COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Healthcare Workers in Four Healthcare Systems in Atlanta

by Sheetal Kandiah; Onyinye Iheaku; Mirza Farrque; Jasmah Hanna; Kalisha Bonds Johnson; Zanthia Wiley; Nicole Franks; Kelley Carroll; Sangmin R Shin; Kanika Michele Sims; Ambar Kulshreshtha