Nitya Bakshi


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Multimodal phenotyping and correlates of pain following hematopoietic cell transplant in children with sickle cell disease

by Nitya Bakshi; Rachel Astles; Eric Chou; Asha Hurreh; Soumitri Sil; Cynthia B Sinha; Kolanda Ackey Sanders; Manasa Peddineni; Scott E Gillespie; Rohali Keesari; Lakshmanan Krishnamurti



Sickle Cell Disease Treatment with Arginine Therapy (STArT): study protocol for a phase 3 randomized controlled trial

by Christopher Rees; David C. Brousseau; Daniel M. Cohen; Anthony Villella; Carlton Dampier; Kathleen Brown; Andrew E. Campbell; Corrie E. Chumpitazi; Gladstone Airewele; Todd Chang; Christopher Denton; Angela Ellison; Alexis Thompson; Fahd Ahmad; Nitya Bakshi; Keli D. Coleman; Sara Leibovich; Deborah Leake; Dunia Hatabah; Hagar Wilkinson; Michelle Robinson; T. Charles Casper; Elliott R. Vichinsky; Claudia Morris



Sickle Cell Transplantation Evaluation of Long-term and Late Effects Registry (STELLAR) to Compare Long-term Outcomes After Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation to Those in Siblings Without Sickle Cell Disease and in Nontransplanted Individuals With Sickle Cell Disease: Design and Feasibility Study

by Lakshmanan Krishnamurti; Ann Haight; Staci Arnold; Allistair Abraham; Gregory MT Guilcher; Tami John; Nitya Bakshi; Shalini Shenoy; Karen Syrjala; Paul L Martin; Sonali Chaudhury; Gretchen Eames; Olusola Festus Olowoselu; Matthew Hsieh; Josu De La Fuente; Kimberly A Kasow; Elizabeth Stenger; Anne Mertens; Fuad El-Rassi; Peter Lane; Bronwen E Shaw; Lillian Meacham; David Archer



Effects of Music Therapy on Quality of Life in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease (MUSIQOLS): A Mixed Methods Feasibility Study

by Sameul N Rodgers-Melnick; Lucas Lin; Kristina Gam; Evanilda Souza de Santana; Coretta Jenerette; Douglas Y Rowland; Jane A Little; Jeffery A Dusek; Nitya Bakshi; Lakshmanan Krishnamurti