Michael Zwick PhD


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  • B.S., Cornell University, 1989
  • Ph.D., University of California at Davis, 1998

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I use cutting-edge genomics technologies to identify rare genetic variation that contributes to common pediatric disorders. Our main areas of interest include autism, congenital heart defects in Down syndrome, early-onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and juvenile arthritis. Develop the technologies necessary to pursue research projects. Investigate the population genomics of biodefense pathogens.

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Investigation of hypertension and type 2 diabetes as risk factors for dementia in the All of Us cohort

by Shashwat Deepali Nagar; Priscilla Pemu; Jun Qian; Eric Boerwinkle; Mine Cicek; Cheryl R. Clark; Elizabeth Cohn; Kelly Gebo; Roxana Loperena; Kelsey Mayo; Stephen Mockrin; Lucila Ohno-Machado; Andrea H. Ramirez; Sheri Schully; Ashley Able; Ashley Green; Stephan Zuchner; I. King Jordan; Robert Meller; Alvaro Alonso; Theodore Johnson II; Gregory Martin; Arshed Quyyumi; Michael Zwick



High level of complexity and global diversity of the 3q29 locus revealed by optical mapping and long-read sequencing

by Jennifer Mulle; Michael Zwick; Ryan Purcell; F Yilmaz; U Gurusamy; TJ Mosley; P Hallast; K Kim; Y Mostovoy; TH Shaikh; P-Y Kwok; C Lee



Novel Missense CNTNAP2 Variant Identified in Two Consanguineous Pakistani Families With Developmental Delay, Epilepsy, Intellectual Disability, and Aggressive Behavior

by Noor Badshah; Kari A Mattison; Sohail Ahmad; Pankaj Chopra; Richard H Johnston; Shakoor Ahmad; Sher Hayat Khan; Muhammad Tahir Sarwar; David Cutler; Michael Taylor; Gayatri Vadlamani; Michael Zwick; Andrew Escayg



Genome-wide association study of down syndrome-associated atrioventricular septal defects

by Dhanya Ramachandran; Zhen Zeng; Adam E. Locke; Jennifer Mulle; Lora Bean; Tracie Rosser; Kenneth Dooley; Clifford L. Cua; George T. Capone; Roger H. Reeves; Cheryl L. Maslen; David Cutler; Eleanor Feingold; Stephanie Sherman; Michael Zwick



Identifying susceptibility genes for primary ovarian insufficiency on the high-risk genetic background of a fragile X premutation

by Cristina E Trevino; Christopher Rounds; Krista Charen; Lisa Shubeck; Heather Hipp; Jessica Spencer; Heather R Johnston; David Cutler; Michael Zwick; Michael Epstein; Anna Murray; James N Macpherson; Montserrat Mila; Laia Rodriguez-Revenga; Elizabrth Berry-Kravis; Deborah A Hall; Maureen A Leehey; Ying Liu; Corrine Welt; Stephen Warren; Stephanie Sherman; Peng Jin; Emily Allen



Genomic characterization of the Bacillus cereus sensu lato species: Backdrop to the evolution of Bacillus anthracis

by Michael Zwick; Sandeep J. Joseph; Xavier Didelot; Peter E. Chen; Kimberly A. Bishop-Lilly; Andrew C. Stewart; Kristin Willner; Nichole Nolan; Shannon Lentz; Maureen K. Thomason; Shanmuga Sozhamannan; Alfred J. Mateczun; Lei Du; Timothy D Read



Identifying genetic factors that contribute to the increased risk of congenital heart defects in infants with Down syndrome (vol 10, 18051, 2020)

by Cristina E Trevino; Aaron M Holleman; Holly Corbitt; Cheryl L Maslen; Tracie Rosser; David Cutler; Richard H Johnston; Benjamin L Rambo-Martin; Jai Oberoi; Kenneth Dooley; George T Capone; Roger H Reeves; Heather J Cordell; Bernard D Keavney; AJ Agopian; Elizabeth Goldmuntz; Peter J Gruber; James E O'Brien; Douglas C Bittel; Lalita Wadhwa; Clifford L Cua; Ivan P Moskowitz; Jennifer Mulle; Michael Epstein; Stephanie Sherman; Michael Zwick