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A component method to delineate surgical spine implants for proton Monte Carlo dose calculation

by Chih-Wei Chang; Serdar Charyyev; Joseph Harms; Roelf Slopsema; Jonathan Wolf; Daniel Refai; Tim Yoon; Mark McDonald; Jeffrey Bradley; Shuai Leng; Jun Zhou; Xiaofeng Yang; Liyong Lin



Pembrolizumab and cabozantinib in recurrent metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: a phase 2 trial

by Dong Shin; Yuan Liu; Georgia Chen; Nabil Saba; Mihir Patel; Conor Steuer; Nicole Schmitt; Mark McDonald; James Bates; Soumon Rudra; Yong Teng; A Ekpenyong; A McCook-Veal; K Magliocca; W Stokes; J Remick; M Abousaud; AC Tan; MZH Fadlullah; R Chaudhary; J Muzaffar; K Kirtane; CH Chung



A systematic review on re-irradiation with charged particle beam therapy in the management of locally recurrent skull base and head and neck tumors

by Mauricio E Gamez; Samir H Patel; Lisa A McGee; Terence T Sio; Mark McDonald; Jack Phan; Daniel J Ma; Robert L Foote; Jean-Claude M Rwigema